Circa 1990's Colnago Superissimo.  I've been on the watch for one of these for a little while. 
A few phone pictures taken on the first ride  after the break. A few stops to make a some adjustments and a serious wind,  but still a nice ride.

Ferrovelo Randonneur


This bike originated from my desire for a classic styled touring bike, and a 'naked' steel finish.  This '84 Apollo had already clocked up many thousands of miles as a touring bike with its original owner, well used but in good condition, I set about rebuilding it as an every-day randonneur style bike for myself.
Details after the break

Ferrovelo Randonneur slide show

Slide show of the Ferrovelo Randonneur project

Which is the odd one out?


Its only been ridden to Church on Sundays.

Merida 120 3000D & DT Swiss XMM 140 Twinshot

In terms of an interest its retro/classic steel bikes, but that's about building, restoring, collecting and a little casual riding.  For 'actual riding', 90% of my miles are on the local trails and off road its modern all the way.  This is my current ride, and its a ripper - a Merida 120 3000D Carbon.

Vintage Peugeot Mixte

Here’s an older Peugeot Mixte restored recently. Its been a slow project this one. Partly because I’m slow, but also, for one reason or another there was a lot of customising along the way...


Unexpectedly wet/dirty/sandy on the track this morning.

And you've just got to love that sound of sand lubricating the drive train!

The Explorer

The Explorer is a bike I picked up a year or two back, but hadn't ridden much until recently.
Other than 'Big B bikes' (Belconnen) and 'Made in Japan', the exact origin and maker remain unknown to me but its a lovely ride, fitted with a circa 1980's mix of upper spec and mid range hardware. 

Ride day

The restored Ted Easton Vintage Ladies Bike doesn't get out too often, but today the covers came off for a run down at the beach.  Although I'm not the rider, I do usually sneak in a quick ride, and the riding postion is so comfortable its always a real pleasure.  With the gearing and coaster 'brake',  bike tracks by the beach are really the perfect terrain for this bike too, as inclines of any kind are either hard work (up) or a little sketchy if you need to stop (down).
Any way, she's tucked up back under the covers now, but a nice excuse to post a few more pictures.



Travelling this week, somewhere around Ballina / Byron Bay I took this clip which has a nice effect. 

Vintage Photo Apps

I'm digging the Instagram photo filters, Very retro cool.
A few more after the break.

Ted Easton, Wheelman. Australian Cycling History, 1930’s and 40’s

During the research process, in preparation for the restoration of a vintage Ted Easton bicycle, I was lucky enough to make acquaintance with Ted Easton’s Son, Ted Jnr.  Through Ted Jnr. I discovered not only that his father was the builder of my bike at his cycle shop in Aulbury back in approx. 1950, but also that Ted Easton was a Champion Cyclist of the time.  This post is dedicated to recording Ted Eason the cyclist.